Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweatshirt/Ruffle Jacket

Use the Self Ruffling Yarn and follow directions below

1.  Wash and dry sweatshirt

2.  Cut off the bottom band and the neck band

3.  Using a dinner plate and rotary cutter, round off the top and bottom edges of the front slit

4.  Using a rotary skip-stitch blade, go around all the edges of the sweatshirt

5.  Crochet the self-ruffle yarn through the holes with a chain stitch pattern.  Doesn't matter what size hook you use.

6.  Have fun while you're at it!

I wadded up a little leftover yarn and stitched it to the jacket

Joan's finished product!
Edith in her new jacket
jacket for Odestine

Sherry in her new jacket

Kinda funny about Sherry's jacket.  I sent it to her by Crystal as a surprise.  Then I ran into her in Gander Mtn before she rec'd it.  She got to talking about how she wanted a lightweight jacket, but had decided against buying one since winter is so short-lived in Texarkana.  I told her that she just might like what I sent her to her via Crystal!  And I she did.  She's pumped about making some now!

Jerri cutting out her sweatshirt
Cindy and Sue getting started
cutting up (their sweatshirts)
Connie and Dawn (Connie wearing a sweater that Linda crocheted)
Dawn, it's only crafting
Linda stuck with crocheting sweaters
Cindy Lou Who wasted no time getting started with her ruffles
Dawn crocheting her ruffle in
Sue and Jerri focusing.  Shirlene socializing.
Tom would look good in Jerri's finished jacket -- pretty sure Stan is scratching his head in the background
Jasper thinking "Is Tom quir?" (Tom's spelling)
Sue's finished product.  Don't tell Tom, but she looks better in it than he does.
I took the black yarn out that Jerri had done (it was just practice for her) and  put in a wintery while and silver .
Gives it a Mrs Claus look for next Christmas. Guess who will get this one?
The blue doesn't pop like this in real life.  Lovely shades of earthy greens
I had a little yarn left over and made and infinity scarf

Dawn's finale
1-16-13:  Today in crafts at JCRV, I showed the ladies how to make these.  I think everyone had fun and liked the outcome!!  And I went home and did a couple more myself!

Connie's jacket
Getting ready for our photo shoot
Sue, Shirlene, Dawn, Jerri, me, Connie

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