Monday, November 12, 2012

Self-Ruffling Scarves!

David calls this a Painted  Bunting scarf

Addicting!!!  Great gift idea!

Chloe and Emily in their matching scarves
Vera's crocheted version
Gala picked out some great earthy tones from Hobby Lobby
Brenda in her teal ruffles

You can either crochet or knit these.  I chose knitting, because it's just easier for me.  I think they are a little fuller when knitted.  No knitting or crochet experience necessary.  And the size of the needles doesn't matter. The best way to learn how is to google a video tutorial.  Once you watch someone do it, it's a piece of cake! Just be sure you purchase "self-ruffle" yarn.  Some of the common brands are Sashay, Starbella, and Flounce.  There are others, but these are the ones you'll mostly see at Michael's and Walmart.

Marlyse, Laurie, Diane, and Sherry - Christmas 2012
Uhhh, Sherry, what the heck?
Lacey got one for Razorback game days
Andrew gave his Sunday School teacher a scarf for Christmas 2012
Asher gave his one, too ---- sorry for the sideways pic
Pam and Laci in their Christmas scarves
Macie modeling Dara's scarf

1-16-13:  After making the ruffle sweatshirts today at JCRV, I had a little yarn left over.  Not enough for a full scarf, so I made a short infinity scarf.  I like it!

Springy colors
Diane's pretty mom 
One of the rare occasions that I got to show Jerri how to make something!

She caught on fast
Dec 2013:  these 2 beautiful girls are still wearing their scarves a year later

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