Friday, July 29, 2016

Ahh-Choo Shirt

When we attended the Belle Plaine, KS tulip festival earlier this year, Brooke and I spotted this wonderful "hankie" shirt that a crafter had for sale.  We both loved it, but it's price was in the $50's.  Sooooo, I decided to try one myself.  

I used a t-shirt that I already had for my first one.  Found some vintage hankies at a thrift store in Spearfish.  I placed mine a little differently than the inspiration piece.

And I did the "Julie Sleeves" as an added touch.  (see other blogpost)

This project kinda refreshed my memory on how tricky it can be to sew on t-shirt material.

But I like the way it turned out. Great gift idea.  And now I'm addicted to vintage hankies!!  I've already found a couple of other projects for them.  Even the ones that are kinda raggedy.

When Justin, Brooke, and family came to Spearfish in July to visit us, Brooke and I went to all the thrift stores in town and looked for hankies and cotton or linen shirts (easier to sew on).  I believe some folks will get some as gift in the next year or 2.

Brooke finished hers in September.  It'll be mighty hard to beat this one!  Sooooo pretty!!

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