Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blanket Scarf

Another Pinterest idea!  A blanket scarf can be worn several ways and even used as a shawl.  Or a throw! And it's a brainless project that can be done while watching a movie. (and the threads can be used in a "birdnest helper")

I got 2 yards of flannel --- shirting flannel so that the print is the same on both sides.  Even it up with rotary or scissors and begin fringing the ends. Just use a stitch ripper and take one row of thread out at a time until the fringe is as long as you want. I also barely fringe the sides. I've seen a suggestion on Pinterest to use your sewing machine and stitch across where you want the fringe to stop.  I may try that, but for now, I'm doing what most of the patterns instruct and just fringing til I want to stop.

For a true blanket scarf, 2 yards works perfectly.  But this fabric can also be cut in half lengthwise for 2 long scarves that aren't as wide. I like that look also!

I think some Pleasant Grove peeps would like this one

More to come!

September 2016:  I gave my first blanket scarves to my Spearfish peeps: April, Ashley, Amy, and Jan.

April modeled hers for me, and hopefully I'll get pix from the other 3!

October 2016:  Brooke got one for her birthday.

Chloe, her sister, and her mom got matching ones in PG colors!

November 2016:  A few given for early Christmas this year!

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