Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amy B's Burp Rags

We have been at this rv park since April.  And with only 2 weeks left, I just now found a crafting buddy.

before the snipping

finished products
Amy showed be the cutest flannel burp rags.  Super easy!  Can't wait to make a few of those to include with my cocoon for a baby gift!

Just make your template and cut out the fab -- they need to have a front piece and a back piece.  Stitch about one half inch around the edge.  Snip all along the edges.  Wash, dry, and it'll have a cute fringed edging.

my first 2
I made my first 2 for Keasha's new baby girl, Olivia.  Keasha said they will be her "fancy, going out" burp cloths! haha

I give them like this and tell them to wash and dry to create the ruffles

11-10-15:  So a year later, I've finally gifted most of the burp rags I made.  Our regular server at Jimmie's on Harry is expecting her first and is sooooo excited.  So I made another batch to give to her before we leave tow.  Love this idea.  Thanks again, Amy B!

she's studying the nursery rhyme pix on them

now she's wearing them

11-23-15:  Got to visit with our sweet server, Rizzo, this morning.  She loved her new burp rags!  She just found out she's having a girl!  (which is what I predicted!)

March 2016:  I made the following cocoons and burp rags for Lissa's and Patrick's baby girl, Wren, due in May/June 2016.  The burp rags with the brown cocoon are for Nathan's and Dara's 5th baby M!

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