Monday, September 16, 2013


Saw a FUN post on facebook.  I shared with Gala and Sherryl and we just had us a little craft night at the Dewey and made some.  I experimented before that night to be sure the glue, etc would work.  These 2 girls are loaded with creativity, so they gave me some great ideas for my future owls!

Screech -- our owl
Gala's Trio - the one in the middle is named "Kitchen Sink"
Sherryl's trash owl

Texas Brown 

"Not a Hoot" -- Jerri went with a native American name

Tom and Dee named her hooter Pothead!  (because it's the lid to a pot) And it's a winker.
October 2013: Dee, Jerri, and Jackie got to pick out their own hooters while visiting in Branson

Joan's and Jean's Hooters

left: "Grater" Horned Owl
right: Hooter -- named by Howard

Ron and Dawn's Mr. Hootie

Looks perfect on their sign

Tammy's "Sanford" -- cuz he's made out of a bunch of junk

Morgan's "Texas Brown"
Grandpa Mac's hooter - Cailleach (pro: Kalux)
his consists of a Chysler dish I found at a thrift store, earrings, bottle caps, jar lids, and is perched on a tire gauge
Justin and Doug got new hooters.  Asher named Justin's "BB"

12-5-13:  Below are some of my last batch of hooters for awhile.  Made these in Texarkana before the cold weather hit.  Fun craft and it's always nice sitting outside to create them.

Lisa and Owlbert

Kathey's and Cranfords hooter
Sherry: Oliver
me w/Diane's:
Crystal: Double D
Laurie: Scrat
Edith named her hooter "Becky Jr"
Laura and her new hooter

Bill, Pam, and Owlbert McCheesegrater
The Hoots' Hooter -- Jack is super excited about Shirlene's new hooter, "Hoot, Hoot"
Jerri, Sarah, and Dee glueing their hooters together
Shirlene supervising Connie
Jerri: Ruby
Dee: Fluffy Eyes
Connie: Sugarbritches
Sarah: Sweetie Pie
Jerri and Ruby

Cliff is still working on a name for his hooter
1-20-14:  We decided to get together at Connie's rig on this beautiful, warm day to make hooters! We'd been hitting the resale shops to get supplies.  The girls made some wonderful hooters.  And since Cliff was very interested in our hooters, I made him one! Fun day!

September 2016:  Hooters are a hit in Spearfish!! We had a craft night at the volunteer village for the DC Booth.  The ladies had fun making and naming their Hooters!  I made one for Carlos.

South Dakota Hooters.  You betcha!

My bestie, Jerri Cooper, joined us. She & Marie supervised our hooter making

Mine is Dewitt ( as in Dewitt Clinton Booth), Jan's is Ollie, and April's is Herbert
Can't remember what Cheryl and Alice named theirs.
We were basically all talking at once.  LOL

so we took pix and sat down and made more!

I've learned Cheryl is our perfectionist -- she continued perfecting her first one

Ranger Carlos has a special place on his wall for Dewitt

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