Monday, March 26, 2012

Potluck Placemats

My new TX friend, Sonia, with her new potluck placemats
Dee did some of these for me 3 years ago.  This week I found these placemats at a resale shop and used some scraps (sleeves from a big shirt) to practice making them.

Utensils go in the pockets.  Then I sewed a ribbon across the front of the pocket to put a napkin.  I sewed ribbons on the side so the mats can be rolled up and carried to potluck.


first, get the type of placemat that will roll up easily & go thru a sewing machine
and a cordinating fat quarter or scrap, and matching ribbon

cut part of fat quarter and press edges under, then stitch around edge, and  stitch 2 vertical rows on top
Like so (you can see stitches here). Then sew a piece of ribbon horizontally across top to hold napkin
sew ribbon on one side of placemat to use as a tie

and there's your potluck placemat!
3-6-13:  Today in crafts at JCRV,  the ladies made their own Potluck Placemats from Dee's pattern.

Shirlene ready to sew

Connie's finished product

Carol's first one

Easy, fun, great gift!

for Justin, Brooke, and the boys

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